Tufts Consortium Agreement

Formal cooperation agreements for cross-registration have been concluded between Boston University and several neighbouring institutions. During the fall and spring semesters, registered students cannot enrol simultaneously in a course or institution other than those that are part of the consortium agreement. Deniz Ranjpour, PhD, Tufts deniz.ranjpour@tufts.edu Notes: Guest student grades are reported at the end of each semester in a lot (s) at your home university, including courses that end before the end of the semester. In accordance with the consortium agreement, the courses appear only on the transcript of your home institution, so you do not need to request transcripts of your courses spent at GW as part of the consortium`s cross-registration program (and we cannot make them available). A consortium agreement between Boston University, Boston College, De Brandeis University, Hebrew College and Tufts University allows Questrom students to enrol in a non-business course per semester at one of the colleges at the end of their academic year. Registration for the Boston Area Consortia is a formal agreement between Boston University and several local colleges and universities, under which drunk students can take courses at other institutions and students from other institutions can take courses at the BU. The Cross Registration Consortium`s elementary schools are Boston College, Brandeis University, Tufts University and Hebrew College. STUDENTS of BU, while registered for a course at a college or consortium university, who find it necessary to resign from the university will will follow the tuition fees for their school or college at the BU. Anthony J. Hanley Graduate Student, Tufts University anthony.hanley@tufts.edu Boston, Boston College, Brandeis University, Tufts University, Tufts University, Tufts University, and Hebrew College are members of a consortium that allows registered students from a consortium institution to enroll in a course at another consortium institution. According to the consortium`s agreements, the teaching is paid to Boston University for approved courses.

All courses taught as part of the cross-registration process must be approved by the PhD Liaison Department. Note: Due to the diversity of academic calendars between higher education institutions within the consortium, eligible seniors are not advised to enrol in a cross-registered course during the last semester. The school attended will generally wait until shortly before the start of classes to process the consortium`s registration forms. Class availability cannot be guaranteed. If special permission is required, it is the student`s responsibility to obtain written permission from the teacher and submit it with the consortium`s request. Branded full-time students benefit from cross-registration privileges with local schools participating in the consortium. Under this program, students can earn a credit for their diploma, without paying a teaching supplement taken by the satisfactory conclusion of the courses at these neighbouring institutions. Unionized students who wish to attend De Brandeis University can only do so at the beginning of registration. Please see the academic calendar of registration data. Registration forms received prior to the start of registration are not processed independently of the unionized school`s enrollment period. Currency forms are not accepted at the time of early registration.

Any consortium student who has not yet registered at Brandeis University must describe himself at the Brandeis Office of the University Registrar to enroll in courses with photo ID. The chancellor of the university is in Kutz 121. In-person registration for students who have not yet registered with Brandeis is required regardless of the unionized school`s cross-enrolment policy. Notes: courses can only be taken for one note; they should not be placed on an audit or non-passport basis. The courses will be integrated into your GW GPA and will be considered a “resident credit.” The course appears on your transcript and contains a name where you