Laborers 252 Master Agreement

E. If the collective agreement unit wishes to increase the amount of the pension by deferring wages for the duration of the contract, the parties meet to discuss the issue, the agreed amendments are presented in an amendment that will be attached to that agreement and included in that agreement. E. Leave planning is a function of seniority, provided that the monitoring believes that the needs of the city`s business can be met. Workers require leave of one week or more, in consultation with their supervisor as much as possible in advance, but workers must have the desired time (including the scheduled leave) when applying for registration in the books. These applications should be submitted preferably two (2) weeks in advance, except in the event of an agreement or emergency. In the event of a conflict between staff requests, the older employee`s application is accepted before March 1 of each calendar year, upon request. Employees are expected to continue to be cooperative in terms of leave planning. A. The City of Olympia, a municipal body known as the “employer”, hereafter enters into an agreement with drivers, Teamsters and Helpers Union, Local NO 252, associated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, known as the “Union”, to ensure harmonious working relations between the employer and the workers, to define procedures for resolving differences and wage rates. hours of work and other conditions of employment. (2) All regular full-time workers receive regular compensation for each leave. Part-time workers are compensated for the number of hours they work during the calendar month in which leave is taken into account.

The festivities are respected in accordance with the calendar published by the City. If a recognized and observed holiday falls on an employee`s regularly scheduled day off, that holiday will be the nearest, scheduled or, by mutual agreement, the public holiday may be the scheduled working day just before the public holiday. B. The parties recognize that every person has the full right and opportunity to submit proposals on all matters considered an appropriate subject for a collective agreement. The results of this exercise are presented in this agreement, provided, however, that when an issue is agreed upon, the parties to the agreement may amend any article or part of that agreement. The deadlines expressed in this proceeding may be cancelled or extended in writing by mutual agreement between the parties. The measures taken in the context of the appeal procedure can be eliminated by mutual agreement.