Village Hall Model Hiring Agreement

The village hall assumes no responsibility for the equipment or other stored goods that are transferred or left on the site and any liability in case of loss or damage is excluded. All equipment and other items that are not stored on the site by appointment must be removed at the end of each rental or storage period. The village house may, 7 days later, at its discretion, by sale or otherwise, sell such objects on the terms it deems appropriate and charge the tenant`s storage and daily costs for the storage, sale or disposal of these items. Experience has shown that there may be problems with the simultaneous organization of a “big event” in each hall, and therefore, if a hall is booked for a “big event”, reservation management may refuse a second booking, especially if it could also be considered a “major event”. If you continue your booking, you are deemed to accept the following conditions for the rental of the lobby. (see clause #21). The Tenant ensures that all activities in the premises for vulnerable children or adults are in compliance with the existing legislation in this regard and that only appropriate and appropriate persons have access to vulnerable children or adults. Child protection policy is the responsibility of the tenant. This document is an amendment to an ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England) leasing agreement model for Village Halls. Byfield Village Hall Management Committee informs the hall tenants that by signing an agreement on the use of the lobby, they enter into a contract that could be used as evidence if legal action is required. If a hirer is a regular weekly user, the village room reserves the right to cancel certain reservations or part of these bookings in favour of one-off bookings.

These cancellations must not take place more than once a month and there is a delay of at least six weeks to receive. Every hall needs a lease. The ACRE model offers a complete agreement and all the information you need to take into account when renting your lobby.