Collateral Agreement Finance

Cash is another type of common guarantee, because it works very easily. A person can take out a loan from the bank where he or she has active accounts, and in the event of a default, the bank can liquidate its accounts to recover the borrowed money. (d) with the exception of restrictions and restrictions imposed by credit documents or securities laws in general, pawn holdings issued by holding companies and, to the extent that they are issued by holding companies, the borrower or a subsidiary, bonds issued by the holding company, borrower or subsidiary, which are and remain freely transferable and sold , and not mortgaged stakes issued by holding companies and, to the extent that they are issued by holding companies, from each mother taken into account. , the borrower or subsidiary, mortgaged debt securities are subject to an option, a right of first refusal, a shareholders` pact, a charter, a status or other provisions relating to organizational documents or any contractual restriction of any kind that could, in one way or another, prohibit, affect, delay or affect in some way the guaranteed parties , to obstruct, delay or otherwise assign the pawning of these collateral. , the sale or transfer of these rights or their disposition in connection with this matter or the exercise of rights and remedies by the administrator; The most common type of collateral used by borrowers is Real Estate Real Estate, which are real estate consisting of land and improvements including buildings, features, roads, structures and supply systems. Property rights give the country improvements and natural resources such as minerals, plants, animals, water, etc., a title. B property, such as house or land. Such properties are with high value and low depreciation. But it can also be risky, because if the property is confiscated on the basis of a default value, it can no longer be withdrawn. Most financial assets that can be seized and sold for cash are considered acceptable collateral, although each type of loan has different requirements. For a standard mortgage or car credit, the house or car itself is used as collateral.

With quality private loans, precious goods such as jewellery or paintings are also accepted.